Alan Walsh 

Phone: +35385 7763 761  

My name is Alan Walsh. I live in Newbridge and I have enjoyed painting for many years. I started painting using watercolours and focused mainly on landscapes. Over the years, I have experimented more and more with other mediums and with other genres. My portfolio now includes landscapes, wild animals, portraits and semi-abstract works. I have become quite proficient in many mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. In recent times I have had some success with mixed media works, which have been done in relief.

As well as exhibiting with Newbridge PopupArt, I have exhibited in the Dublin Arts festival and currently have a piece on loan to St.Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin. 

Title: Late evening, Connemara

Medium: Mixed Media 

Size: 70 x 50cm


Price: €260 SOLD

Title: Red Poppy dance

Medium: Oils & Cold Wax 

Size:  60 x 60cm


Price: €320 SOLD

Title: New Stand, Ready for the Off

Medium: Oil & Cold Wax

Size: 60 x 20CM


Price: €280

Title: 3 of the 12 Pins

Medium: Oils

Size: 60 x 20cm


Price: €235 SOLD