Deirdre McNally


Phone: +35386 8589740


My name is Dee McNally and I am a self-taught visual artist from Co, Kildare. I work primarily with inks, but also use the mediums of pastels, oils and watercolours. I love to create simple, pen and ink pictures based on humorous observations of
On a larger scale, I love to work with vibrant ink on ceramic to reflect the powerful Irish landscape, the very soil interwoven with ancient history and the swirling mists shrouding the mountains with whispered legends.
This work aims to harness the energy, using ink to exploit the fluidity of water, stone and air, the landscape becomes a living piece. To capture a view, a moment in time, a connection to
ourselves. These are all explored and created to allow the viewer to merge with the landscape.

Title: Coliemore Harbour

Medium: Oil on board

Size: 80 x 66 cm


Price: €595

Title: Killary

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 x 90 cm


Price: €420

Title: Precious moment

Medium: Oil on board

Size: 47 x 47 cm


Price: €280

Title: Bromore Cliff walk

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 70 x60 cm


Price: €390