Martina Harrigan 


My name is Martina Harrigan I am a local artist from Newbridge.

The work I create is inspired by my love of nature and all the different types of textures, forms, and shapes that are seen along our beaches, countryside, and in our Oceans.

My work is focused on fibre manipulation and the different types of textures that can be achieved by applying heat, stitch, and embellishment, which will achieve my final design. I also incorporate a lot of recycled plastics and fabric remnants and any other item I can recycle and turn into something beautiful.  

I love contemporary offbeat textile art; therefore, I work on achieving something that combines these ideas in a cleverly skilled way

As an artist, I also love to photograph unusual shapes and forms, or details of rust, Flowers, Leaves, Tree Bark, Weathered Walls, and Cobwebs, anything that will inspire me to transform natures natural beauty into unique pieces of Textile Art.                

My work has been exhibited with the Newbridge PopupArt Group many times.

I have received commissions from clients as far away as Japan, America, and France

Martina Harrigan H.N.D.

Fibre Artist and Textile Designer

Higher National Diploma in Fibre Art and Textile Design

Title: Reef Encounter

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 58 x 61cm


Price: €190

Using the technique of hand felting and Shobori combined, I have created this unique piece of art to emulate the textures and shapes of the Barrier Reef 

Title: Felt Emotions

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 29cmx46cm


Price: €95

I have used recycled plastic and handmade felt to create this piece of Art, combined with watercolour paint and beading to enhance each of the different textures. 


Title: Lily Pad

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 43 x 54cm


Price: €180

Using recycled silk organza with cotton and dissolvable fabric. I have created this unique piece of Art. I have also incorporated stitch and beading to create the depth and texture of the Lily.

Title: Blue Lagoon

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 54 x 44cm


Price: €180

I have created hand felt with beading to create texture and form. Mounted on a watercolour ground presenting the viewer with the tranquil serenity of the “Blue Lagoon”.