Martina Harrigan


Phone:  +35387 9305 5 92

My name is Martina Harrigan I am a local  artist from Newbridge.

THE work I create is inspired by my love of nature and all the different types of textures, forms, and shapes that are seen along our beaches and countryside.

My current work is focused on fibre manipulation and the different types of textures that can be achieved by applying heat, stitch, and embellishment which will achieve my final design.

I love contemporary off beat textile art, therefore I work on achieving something that combines these ideas in a cleverly skilled way

Title: What lies beneath

Medium: Fibre Art (Mixed Media)

Size: 16 x 17 inch


Price: €100

Title: “Lily Pad” ( series 2)

Medium: Fibre Art (Mixed Media)

Size: 11 x 14 inch


Price: €180

Title: “Lily Pad”  (Series 1)

Medium: Fibre Art (Mixed Media)

Size: 19 x26 inch


Price: €220 SOLD

Title: “Beauty and the reef”( Series 1)

Medium: Fibre Art (Mixed Media)

Size: 17 x 30 inch


Price: €220