Mary Mc Carthy

Contact info:

Phone: +35386 366 0382

Facebook: Mel McCarthy

Instagram: mccarthymary173

Mary McCarthy is largely a self-taught artist, who took up painting ten years ago to prepare for her retirement. She paints mainly in oils, but enjoys experimenting in pen and watercolour, pastels and mixed media.  Mary sees the wonder in every aspect of nature and is drawn to capture the moment in her art.  Struck by either, the light, the colour, the place, the sky, the sea, the ambience, the people, or perhaps all of these together, she draws inspiration for her paintings.  She has exhibited in all the Popupart Newbridge exhibitions, AIB Staff Art Exhibitions, The Red Stables, The Helix and the RHA National College of Art Student exhibition. A number of her paintings both landscape and portrait, which were commissioned, hang in private collections nationally and internationally.   


Title: Connemara Ram

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 550 x 450 cm


Price: €250

Title: Camino Chat

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 530 x 430 cm


Price: €220

Title: Arc de Triompne

Medium: Oils on wide edged canvas

Size: 410 x 310 cm


Price: €190 SOLD

Title: Glasshouse Botanic Gardens

Medium: Oils on Canvas board

Size:  340 x 440cm


Price:€210 SOLD