Raymond Ging

Email: raymondgingart@gmail.com

Website: www.raymondgingart.com

Facebook: @Raymond Ging

Instagram: @Raymond Ging

Raymond Ging is a Kildare native, born and raised, and based in the Newbridge area.

He achieved an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in general arts, focusing primarily on film studies, anthropology and philosophy. These studies helped to mould his artistic interests and expression, with a preferential lean towards ambiguity and subjective interpretation.

Opting to work with a mixed media of acrylic and watercolour paints, canvas and wood pulp paper, Raymond likes to showcase the colour vibrancy of acrylic paint, especially when using silhouettes to explore themes of binary opposition. He tends to use watercolour paint when the message of the painting requires that nuance and precision of detail.

Raymond’s artwork can see influences from the pop art movement of the 1950s and 60s, the political street art of Banksy, and elements of postmodern expressionism.

While there may be fundamental meanings in his ambiguous artwork, Raymond strives to provoke the viewer to consider and create their own personal interpretations.

Title: Venus de Instaface

Medium: Watercolour paint on wood pulp paper

Size: 19 x 14 inch


Price: €160

Title: Reflection

Medium: Acrylic on large

Size: 17 x 21 inch

Unframed: Deep-edged canvas

Price: €290

Title: Mystical Sunset

Medium: Acrylic on large

Size: 24 x 18 inch

UnFramed : Deep-edged canvas

Price: €260

Title: Goodbye Norma Jean

Medium: Watercolour paint on wood pulp paper.

Size: 19 x 14 inch


Price: €160