Rosemary Noonan

Contact: +35387 064 5289


Instagram: @rosienoonart

Facebook: @rosemary.noonanart

Rosemary (Ryan) Noonan is a self-taught Visual Artist based in Naas Co. Kildare, originally from Tipperary. She loves capturing emotions and building a narrative in her paintings/drawings that draws in her audience into the scene. Rosemary was always interested in art and drew as a child but has only taken up the brush 6 years ago when she joined the AIB Art Society. She primarily an oil painter and watercolour artist but enjoys trying new mediums and experimenting with her style. Rosemary would mainly consider herself a portrait artist but has most recently taken up painting landscapes to expand her artistic skills. She is currently studying in NCAD and has recently joined the Naas Art group.

Title: Water Lillies Just like Monet

Medium: Water-based oil on canvas

Size: 43 x 43cm


Price: €195

Title: Tratra Mountain Experience Zakopane

Medium: Water-based oil on canvas

Size: 66 x 50cm


Price: €245

Title: By the Lake

Medium: Waterbased oil on Canvas

Size: 22 x 56cm


Price: €215

Title: A bit of Pollock

Medium: Mix Media

Acrylic and collage

Size: 26 x 15cm

Unframed: Deep Canvas

Price: €75